TokenTap is a reward program management app that works nicely for any size family, group, community, school or institution.

Administrators can quickly and easily award tokens for achieved goals to participants who can exchange them online for a reward inventory you create, or select from an exciting list made available by TokenTap's partner, Token Rewards.
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TokenTap has many features that make managing , , goals, and reward inventory simple and fun.

Easily Distribute Printed & Online

  • With a couple taps, direct deposit into any student account.
  • Handout printed certificates or goal achievement certificates. Each certificate has a value and a redemption code. When a student enters the code at your reward shop, the are deposited into their account.
  • Tally up tokens one at a time in real-time, and deposit in a batch at the end of a session.
  • Quickly deposit tokens into multiple student accounts using a default amount and note for student.
  • Use TokenTap as an effective marketing tool by distributing your custom designed token certificates to potential clients. You have the option to require a verified email address when they collect their tokens in your reward shop.
  • Set limits on the total tokens students and teachers may receive/distribute to help control reward program budget.

Customizable Online Reward Shop

  • Create an unlimited number of in-house rewards to display. Each reward can have a custom image uploaded or chosen from a selection of default images. Set a price (in tokens), total quantity available, total quantity that can be purchased by any one student, and/or an offer expiration date.
  • Optionally configure any in-house reward as a raffle for more fun and excitement, or as an economical way to fairly distribute high-end rewards. Draw winners yourself from a printed list of raffle tickets or have TokenTap select the winners for you.
  • Optionally display rewards from a list of exciting products and popular gift cards delivered by's partner company, Token Rewards. Orders can be shipped to your program's location or directly to students.
  • Set custom banner images for both mobile and desktop experiences across the top of your reward shop.
  • Students sign in at either,, or a custom domain you set (see the FAQ's) using simple user codes generated by TokenTap, custom codes assigned by you, or their email address. Passwords are optional for young children.
  • With a couple taps, Administrators can sign into the shop as any of their assigned students, giving them complete access. This is helpful for assisting younger students (or those without an internet devices) with purchasing rewards or anything else.
  • No external links or advertising will ever be displayed in your program's reward shop. Branding for TokenTap and Token Rewards is also minimized as much as possible.

Goals & Goal Achievement Awards

  • Create and categorize an unlimited number of goals for your students.
  • Goals can either be assigned to all students (public goals), or assigned to individual students and/or .
  • Set goal expiration dates, limit the number of times a student can achieve any one goal, and/or generate competition by limiting the number of times a goal can be achieved for all or a some students combined.
  • Each goal has a corresponding token amount to be awarded upon achievement, either by direct entry from multiple places in TokenTap or redemption of a printed achievement certificate.
  • Mark a goal as achieved for all or some students with just a few clicks or taps.
  • Goals and achievements are displayed prominently in a separate area of the reward shop.

Messaging & Announcements

TokenTap has a built in messaging system which administrators can use to communicate with students, other administrators, TokenTap Support, Token Rewards, and vice-versa.
  • Students are limited to only sending one message at a time to administrators who have opted-in for receiving messages from their students, TokenTap Support, or Token Rewards when applicable. Students cannot message other students.
  • Administrators can also make announcements to all or some of their students and other administrators. This is very useful for announcing things like:
    • New goals or available rewards.
    • Expiring goals and rewards.
    • Final date to submit carts.
    • Welcoming new administrators or students.
    • Contest winners and major achievements.
  • The TokenTap "Inbox" was designed to be as simple as possible and is also a great tool for administrators to teach youngsters on digital communication etiquette, if desired.

Email Notifications

  • Students with a verified email address will get a notification when they receive a new message, token deposit, or award for goal achievement.
  • Students can add "Followers" to their account, who will also receive notifications when there are deposits and awards.
  • Administrators receive an email notification when they get a message or a when student has purchased a reward they're responsible for delivering.
  • All program participants can personally limit, or not limit, the number of email notifications they receive. They can also disable them completely.
  • Global limits for email notifications, which override personal limits, can be set in the program configuration.
  • A customized email header image can be set for each type of recipient (administrators, students, and student followers.)

Mobile Or Desktop, Scalable, Secure

  • Mobile Or Desktop - TokenTap and the reward shop were designed from the ground up to work as seamlessly as possible for both mobile and desktop experiences.
  • Highly Scalable - TokenTap will work for any size reward program. From single child home programs to nationwide organizations.
  • Secure - Communications with are secured using the latest TLS 1.2 encryption (click the lock icon in your browser's search bar for details). Our PCI compliant servers are located in state-of-the-art data centers under armed guard with redundant backups of all systems.

    TokenTap data is private. It is shared only with Token Rewards where needed. With exception of a U.S. court order, no other entity will ever be allowed to buy, rent, borrow, or even view your TokenTap data.

TokenTap is in the late stages of open beta testing (pre-release) and is currently free for all users. Displayed here is the estimated pricing that will go into effect upon general release. Beta testers will be credited for all Cloud Credits used in the beta test period, plus a surprise bonus.

Free 45 day trial, after that, only pay for what you use.

TokenTap uses "Cloud Credits" to track system usage. They represent chunks of cloud computing resources like network bandwidth, disk space, and cpu cycles. They are also used the same way your electric company uses kilowatt/hours to track power consumption.

Cloud Credits cost 25¢ each. Each student requires 1 to 4 Cloud Credits per year, depending on features your reward program uses and its level of activity.

All new programs get up to 1000 Free Cloud Credits ($250 value) in an initial 45 day trial period. Use the free trial period to enter/import all your students and administrators, and have everyone fall in love with TokenTap. At the end of the trial period, your program will be credited for the total Cloud Credits used, up to 1000. Then continue using TokenTap without interruption by purchasing more Cloud Credits at the TokenTap Store.

For smaller reward programs, such as for a family or a neighborhood club (3-6 steady members), $5 in Cloud Credits will last many years. An elementary school classroom of 25 students will only need about 35 Cloud Credits per year (<$10). For larger more complex reward programs, please use the Cost Estimator under Pricing Detail below to work TokenTap into your organization's budget.

Either pay as you go, or purchase larger quantities of Cloud Credits at discounted rates to fit a longer term budget. You’re never locked into a yearly contract.

BONUS! Get $1 credit with Token Rewards for every $10 spent on TokenTap Cloud Credits.

Pricing Detail

TokenTap Cost Estimator

Est. Annual Cloud Credits
Discounted USD
Program is active
a year.

Imported Administrators
Participation %
Cloud Credits
Per Month
Monthly USD
New Administrators Per 
New Students Per 
Deposits and Withdrawals
Per Student Per  *
Announcements Per 
To all students and administrators.
Messages Per User Per 
System average is 3 per month.
% of Students Receiving Email Notifications **
Figures include est. administrator notifications. Max one/day for each type.
New Custom Images Per 
Averaged size 25KB.
Token Rewards Budget Per Student Per 
Est. Monthly Cloud Credits
Est. Annual Cloud Credits
Est. Annual Total w/ Qty Discount
Annual fee for Cloud Credits with best possible quantity discount applied.
* Calculated by count of transactions, not the sum token amounts. This is the number of times a typical student receives or spends tokens in the specified time period. Please note, this should reflect the average number of transactions per student, not the maximum.

** Cost estimations for emails delivered are based on limiting email notifications to the default of one per day. They can be limited further or disabled completely program wide.

Cloud Credit Rate Chart

Data Type Cloud Credits* ~ USD Each**
Cloud Credits Each $1
Cloud Credit Each 20¢
Email Notifications Per Cloud Credit††
Transactions Per Cloud Credit†† 0.4¢
In-App Messages Per Cloud Credit†† 0.08¢
Image Files KB Per Cloud Credit†† 3¢-12¢
Goals, Classes, Certificate Codes,
Rewards and Student Followers
* Rates as of January 1, 2018. Rates can change, but never more than 5% per calender quarter. Rate changes apply to only new data stored after they take affect.
** Approximate USD rates before any bulk discounts applied could be up to % lower.
Email notifications can be limited or disabled completely program wide.
†† Floored to nearest 1/100th Cloud Credit.
Depends on image file sizes. Max allowed image size is 50KB. Image files can be deleted, which will credit back Cloud Credits. Legacy images from TokenTap's predecessors are free.
Various types of data have different rates based upon the resources they consume (bandwidth, disk space, cpu cycles, etc.) This level of complexity was required to create a simple utility like pricing structure, fair and equitable for all reward programs, big and small. For example, a program whose are too young to receive email notifications, should not have to pay for use of an email server.

Participation rates can vary widely, especially for large, new programs. To avoid accidentally over-purchasing Cloud Credits, start with a smaller than estimated required quantity, and purchase a larger quantity once a better usage pattern has developed, if need be.

TokenTap will let you and your program managers know when you're running low on Cloud Credits and give you more accurate summary of Cloud Credit requirements going forward.

Purchased Cloud Credits never expire and can be transferred between programs under same ownership.

Upgrades to TokenTap will always be free and automatic.

Free for now!

TokenTap was recently released into open public beta test and pricing is to be determined.

But it will be very affordable!

Can I name my tokens something other than tokens, stars, points, or credits?
Yes, you can customize your program tokens with a specially named alias (e.g. KidzCoins, Waco Bucks, Kudats, etc.) Submit your new token alias to TokenTap tech support, and it should show in a day or so.

If using a proper name in the alias, please make it two words (with a space), which will prevent the alias from converting to all lowercase in various places.

If you want a different alias for students, classes, and/or administrators, other than the default ones available, please let us know, regardless of the number of Cloud Credits you've purchased. It'll likely be an alias we haven't considered, and others may want to use it also.
Can I import my students and other data?
Yes you can! The TokenTap data import service is free of charge, but the standard data usage rates will apply. Send an email to describing the data types you want to import (students, classes, administrators, goals, rewards, etc.) and you'll receive further instructions.
Can I use my own web domain for my student reward shop, instead of
Yes, you have the option to use a custom sign in page for the reward shop accessed via custom root domain or sub-domain of (e.g. or Multiple programs can use the same domain or sub-domain without any problems, such as an entire school district or franchise network.

If you already own the domain you'd like to use, you will be provided with an IP address where it should redirect. After we make some configuration changes, your domain will be live.

If you would like to purchase and manage a entirely new root domain for your reward shop, contact
My organization will likely use 100,000 Cloud Credits a year or more, is there an unlimited plan?
Yes, if you anticipate having more than 15,000 students and administrators who will be actively involved in one or more reward programs, our unlimited plan will provide best economies of scale.

Contact about having it setup.
With all it's features and speed, how can TokenTap be this inexpensive without third-party advertising?
We use the latest in cloud technology and 100% open source software to build TokenTap, which has brought down our overhead dramatically. Also, our marketing and advertising budget is almost non-existent. Word-of-mouth marketing alone keeps us pretty busy.

Also, we bought some bitcoin in 2011, which has funded the majority of development.
TokenTap seems to be missing a feature I think would be awesome, what's currently planned for future upgrades?
Here's a partial list of some great things being worked on, hopefully your request is already on this list...
  • Class Sub-Currencies - Create specially named tokens (e.g. Team A Points, Mr. Smith Gems) assigned to specific classes and create special rewards to be purchased only with those tokens.
  • Improved Inventory Control - Tools to accurately track shrinkage of on-site physical rewards.
  • Improvements to the student follower's area. Display goals and achievements of followed students, and messaging with those students and their related administrators.
  • Leader Boards - Optionally display a new area in the reward shop to show who has achieved the most goals, earned most tokens, and more.
  • Native Apps for the iOS App Store and Android Play Market.
  • Off-line access and data synchronization.
Recommendations for other new features are always greatly appreciated.

You must be over 18 years old to start a new TokenTap reward program. If you or any administrators will be working with children under the age of 13, you must also agree to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 ("COPPA"). Programs determined to be in deliberate violation of COPPA (offering rewards for personal information, no parental consent, etc.) will be suspended and reported to proper authorities.

Please confirm you are over 18 and will comply with COPPA.

*COPPA requires parental consent before communicating online with anyone under 18.
Please return when you are over 18 years old and ready to comply with COPPA.

Great! There's only three steps to create your reward program.
No credit card or billing information is required.
  1. Enter your name and verify your email address.
  2. Confirm some details about your program.
  3. Accept the Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreement.

Your name and email address are not displayed to students.

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